At the beginning of this new academic year, here are the changes that have taken place in our Province, following the new missions that some of our sisters have received:

  • Our sister Prado has been sent to the Province of Spain, in the community of Ríos Rosas, in Madrid. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her availability and her many years of generous service to our community in Paris.
  • Sister Antonia, from London – where she was previously based – has been sent to Paris to use her talents in the service of the community.
  • Sister Marguerite, junior of the Africa Region, was sent to our community in Paris to study Canon Law at the Centre Sèvres.
  • Sister Valentina, Italian, joined the Paris community after her First Vows in Spain last summer.
  • Sister Zilda, from the Portugal Region, has joined our European Province to strengthen the Reims community with her presence. Thank you and welcome!
  • Sister Ana Beatriz, junior from the Portugal Region has been sent to our community in Rome – Via Palestro to study at the Gregorian University.
  • Sister Lucia C., from the community of Southwell Gardens (London) has been sent to Milan.
  • As for Sister Olivia, she has been sent to the community of Southwell Gardens (London).