Our missions

Our apostolate is oriented towards the integral formation and evangelisation of young girls,through welcoming,
presence, listening and guidance (in hostels, social centers,reception and listening centers,professional schools,
missions, summer camps…)


The organisation of our girls’ hostels (accommodation for students and young professionals) is based on awareness of the common good, the daily active participation and collaboration of all. This makes it possible to live in an atmosphere of sharing, responsibility and good humour, reinforced by the activities offered throughout the year.

Social center

In these career & job centres, we help families looking for:

> Domestic help (cleaning, etc.) live-in or live-out; fulltime or part-time
> Home help for the elderly
> Baby-sitting / help with children
> Assistance with hospital appointments

And we also help women who are looking for work in the Domestic and Carer sector.

Hosting Centre

Our home in Bari has a very special mission and offers a complete end-to-end service:

> Full board
> Help, guidance and support in finding work
> Domestic work courses
> Host country language course
> Training & Skill development
> Other activities

Youth mission

In Crotone (in Calabria, southern Italy), members of MOLAVIM are particularly committed to the youth, to whom they try to transmit their passion for Christ and for the common good, through training and concrete actions aimed at improving societal life.

To find out the detailed mission of each home,
visit the relevant page